Sunday, February 7, 2010

Paid positions to work on Haitian Reconstruction -- Apply Now

If anyone knows of anyone who may be interested in employment at this time, please share.

ACET, Inc. has received an immediate request to provide assistance to the devastation from the recent earthquake that has befallen the nation of Haiti.
We are looking for anyone interested in going to Haiti to help for a 3-6 month period. There are no particular skills sets defined at this point, except the willingness to help wherever needed. We will be presenting folks and highlighting their unique skills and trade qualifications, so if the opportunity to help in your area exists – it will be noted and presented. As you can well imagine, any skill that you may have - can be of great help.
Typical skill sets needed:
Carpenters, Masons, Electricians, Medical Personnel, Communications, Builders, Heavy Equipment Operators, Plumbers, Logistics, Etc.

THIS IS NOT A VOLUNTEER REQUEST - you will be paid for the work you do.

This is a temporary employment assignment that will include travel, expenses, remuneration with an understanding that housing accommodations will be very basic. All that is needed at this point is a passport or ability to obtain one ASAP.

If you are seriously interested or know of someone who would be interested - please email me back ASAP or forward this email, and I will provide more details for you at that time.

Onekqua Beverly
Corporate Recruiter/Security Specialist
ACET, Inc.
301-861-5023 (Office)
301-885-3199 (Fax)

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